Thursday, September 13, 2007

Positive Moms

Positive Moms Blog was created to be a cup of cool water for moms. It is filled with sincere encouragement, and practical tips to help everymom be a positive influence in her home. I'm Karol Ladd (author of The Power of a Positive Mom ), and it is my desire to offer you words of inspiration and helpful hints to assist you in being the positive mom you want to be in your home. Join me as we journey through motherhood together. I look forward to visiting with you every Monday as we enjoy a little Monday Morning Motivation to get you started for the week. We all need a boost of encouragement from a friend and fellow mom. I hope I can be that for you through this journal.

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relevantgirl said...

It looks terrific, Karol!!! You go, girl. Congrats on entering the world of blogging, and so graciously too. I'm proud.