Monday, April 28, 2008

God's Strength

This past weekend I had the blessing and privilege to be with the wonderful women of Christ the Rock Church in Wisconsin. We stayed at a beautiful resort called the Osthoff resort at Elkhart Lake, a relaxing and refreshing getaway near Appleton. I was the women’s retreat speaker for the weekend and gave four talks altogether; one on Friday, two on Saturday and one on Sunday morning. I must tell you that physically I was very weak with one of those awful colds coming on, plus I was experiencing a terrible ache in my neck which kept me awake at night. With little sleep and feeling physically depleted I knew I was not up to teaching four times, as well as visiting with and encouraging the ladies.

But where we are weak, God is strong. It was quite apparent I need God to be my source of strength and speak through me. Before each session, I asked God to take over and completely teach the lesson, because I was physically and mentally unable to do it. I was amazed at the work He did in the women’s hearts. He spoke powerfully through my meager mouth, and many of the women told me they needed to hear exactly what I had to say.

How perfect is God’s work! All praise to Him. I left Wisconsin knowing God taught the women, and He used what little I had to offer. When I boarded the plane for my journey home, I opened my One Year Bible to the daily reading for April 28. It took me to the story of Gideon where God paired down Gideon’s army in order for Gideon to know God was the one who would win the battle and not Gideon. Yes, Gideon’s army was made weak, so God could show forth strong. In my weakened state, I too, was able to see it was God who did a great work this weekend and not me.

Perhaps our weaknesses have a purpose. Could it be that God allows us to be weak and inadequate for the task, so we can see His mighty hand at work? All glory to Him who is able to do far more than we ask or imagine!
Family Fun: Read the story of Gideon found in the Bible in book of Judges chapter 7. You may even want to act out the story, making a rams horns out of empty paper towel tubes and use a plastic jar with a flash light in it. Pretend you are sneaking up on the enemy, take away the jar and allow the kids to shine their lights and blow their trumpets. Talk about how the Lord fought the battle for Gideon using only a small army. Remind your kids that when you feel weak or inadequate, you can look to God for strength and ask Him to help you. God is able.

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Scott and Molly said...

It's me, Molly, from the retreat. I read your blog about Gideon and I was struck. When I got home from the retreat I ran into a man from our church and he asked how many women were at the retreat. I said, "300." He replied, "Ah, God's number." GIDEON!!! How great is our God! There is something significant that God wants us to get with Gideon and this retreat. Yahoo! Can wait to go diggin'. Thank you for your faithfulness.