Monday, May 19, 2008

Movie of the Week

Movie of the Week

This past weekend we went to see the newest Narnia movie, “Prince Caspian.” As you probably know I am a huge C. S. Lewis fan, and I have loved the Chronicles of Narnia since I was young. The “Prince Caspian” movie was wonderful in every way! I was amazed at the cinematography and the quality of the production and the actors. Most of all I was blessed by the reminder of the powerful underlying lessons which can be drawn from the story.

As we (Curt, Joy who was home from college and I) talked about what we loved about the movie, we each mentioned different aspects which encouraged our faith. Here’s a few life lessons we personally gathered from the story.

God has a plan and He is with us, even when we don’t see Him.

Seek God’s help and direction before running in and trying to solve problems in our own power and strength.

God is both powerful and approachable.

He is ruler over all creation. Even the wind and the water obey Him.

It is in our most desperate moments that we recognize our dependence on Him.

He is our rock and our refuge and our very present help in time of need.

God uses the most unlikely characters for his service. It’s the size of the heart that matters. I adore Reepicheep!

Now I know there are many more life lessons you can take away from the story of Prince Caspian. I invite you to share yours. Most importantly, may we all be inspired to be salt and light in our culture, just as Lewis was. Tell others about the movie and let’s encourage Hollywood to make more great films like this one.

Family Fun: If your kids are old enough, then go see the movie. If they are not old enough I would encourage you to see Prince Caspian with your husband or friends. Curt loved it. The movie does contain some violence and a few scary creatures, so if you have young ones you may want to read the Prince Caspian book instead. Reading the book is a great way to prepare even the older ones for the movie. After you see the movie or read the book, take some time to discuss what each of your family members learned about life and faith and God.

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