Monday, June 23, 2008

Deliberate Relaxing vs. Boredom

As a former camp counselor, I saw the value of an intentional R & R time. We called it FOB (flat on back or flat on bunk). This was a time when campers and counselors took a break form the normal schedule and routine of the day and simply enjoyed some downtime. The time could be used to rest, write a letter, read, plan and think. I found it to be such a valuable time that when I became a mom myself, I instituted FOB during the summers when my daughters were young and elementary school age. It was a healthy time of rejuvenation, and allowed them to see the value of relaxing. It also allows time for thought and creativity.

Possibly one of the most valuable boredom busters is one of the most obvious, easy and simple ideas. Encourage a love for reading great books. My philosophy for kids as well as adults is: you will never be bored if you have a good book to read. Consider making a trip to a discount or half price book store as a family. Give each child a few dollars, and encourage them to find their own treasures. Once you ignite the joy of reading in a person, they will never use the “B” word again.

Our job as parents is not to fill each waking moment, so our kids won’t be bored. Rather our job is the teach our kids how to be creative and resourceful, so that they don’t depend or blame other people for their happiness. This important life lesson begins under our roof as we inspire our kids to use the gifts and talents God has given them. Consider the following family devotional:

Read: Proverbs 26:13 – 16, Also read the definition of bore or boredom in the dictionary or in this chapter.
Discussion questions:
What do people really mean when they say they are bored?
In what ways are lazy people similar to people who say they are bored?
How is laziness different than relaxing? What activities do you enjoy most when you are at home with nothing scheduled?

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