Monday, April 27, 2009

Are your Words Water or Mud?

Last week we talked about the Power of our words and this week we are going to continue that discussion with some practical thoughts about using our words to bless other people rather than distressing them.

Solomon said: “The words of the godly are a life-giving fountain.” That’s how I want my words to be, and I’m sure you do too.

Three things I want to encourage you to recognize:
1. Recognize that your words can be like life giving water. They can refresh and renew a tired or hurting soul. See yourself as a cup-filler with healing and uplifting words.
2. Recognize that everyone is a lovely treasure, a creation of God. There is something special about each person. We can fill their hearts with good words or we can muddy their lives with complaining, anger, bitterness and filth.
3. Finally, let’s Recognize our need for God to clean up our heart. Unless He does a transforming work in our hearts, our words will not change. Remember what we talked about last week as we learned that our words are an overflow from our hearts.

Spend some time this week sharing with your kids about the importance of using their words to refresh and lift up others. You may want to show them a lovely tea cup and tell them just as this is a precious and delicate cup, so people are precious and delicate souls. All people are thirsty to know if they are loved and worthwhile. Now pour water into the cup and tell them we can bring life-giving water to others through our words.

Ask your kids if it would be appropriate to put mud in the lovely tea cup. If you put mud in the cup, it will harden and become very difficult to clean. Our unkind words can stick in people’s hearts and muddy their lives. As cup fillers, let’s be givers of good words and offer refreshment to thirsty souls.

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