Monday, July 6, 2009

Amazing Animals

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful 4th of July with family and friends. Isn’t it wonderful to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation? Remember to pray often for our nation and our leaders. Pray for God’s protection, guidance and blessing. May we be diligent this entire month of July to encourage our kids to pray daily for America and also to thank the Lord for the ways He has already guarded, blessed and cared for us.

As we continue with theme week ideas this would be a great time during the summer to declare Animal week! Each day choose a different animal to study and explore. You can read books about the animals, dress up like the animals, watch videos, play animal games and do animal crafts. A visit to the zoo or local pet shops would add a great adventure to the week. Here are some activities to consider for younger kids.

Rabbit Day – Make bunny ears out of poster board and attach them to a headband, put white socks on hands and feet and make a little cotton tail too. Draw nose and whiskers using make-up pencil. Eat rabbit food (fruits and vegetables), do the bunny hop and visit rabbits at the pet store. By the way, this is a nice quiet day, because bunnies don’t make a lot of noise. Lovely!

Lion Day – Practice roaring (okay just for a little while), make a lion’s mane using a brown paper sack, cutting into strips or use yarn or mop. Add a tail using a long tube sock. Watch Narnia videos. Find interesting facts about lions on line. Visit lions at the zoo.

Dog Day – Make doggy ears using felt attached to a visor or headband. Watch a dog show video and 101 Dalmatians, play fetch, eat trail mix out of pretend dog bowls. If you do not have a dog, visit a friend who has one.

You get the idea. Think about a Crocodile Day, Elephant Day, Zebra Day or Horse Day.

Animal devotionals can include a study of God creating the animals in Genesis 1, or Noah’s ark in Genesis 6, Balaam’s donkey in Numbers 22, or God talking to Job about creating the animals in Job 39 – 41.

No matter what the age of your kids, you can enjoy a week of exploring God’s creative work in the animal kingdom. Be sure to watch my message on freedom in Christ at: By the way, my dog Angel is included in this one in honor of the animal theme. Have a great week!

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