Monday, January 14, 2008

The Verse

Every January as I write out my goals, I choose one verse from the Bible as my “Verse for the Year.” Prayerfully I walk through familiar scriptures and ponder passages that may strike me as The One. There is no giant pointer that pops out from Heaven and leads me to one choice verse, but I usually do sense God’s leading toward a particular verse on which I need to focus. Honestly it usually ends up touching an area in my life where I am feeling a need for improvement or change or growth. So are you ready? Here it is, my verse for 2008 is (drum roll please), “Trust in the Lord with all your heart.” Now that may seem like a simple concept to you, but honestly it effects me every day. Think of what it means to trust God with your whole heart. When we worry (which is a continual state of mind for some of us), we must redirect our thoughts and heart and trust God to see us through. When we don’t know what the outcome is going to be, we must trust God that he holds the future. When we feel like we don’t have what it takes to be a good mother we must trust God to lead us, guide us and give us strength. Trusting in the Lord is a deliberate choice we make instead of worrying, fretting or feeling like a failure. As I’ve jumped in with both feet into the new year, I’ve already put this verse into practice daily. My friend, may I tell you “trusting the Lord” is life transforming for me as a mom. There are problems I can’t solve, situations I can’t control, and choices that are not mine to make. I must trust God, not half-heartedly, but with my whole heart. We become different people when we live in trust and not fear. Our kids experience a different mom who lives in trust and not anxiety. We may not be able to understand God’s ways, or predict what He will do, but we can trust His love and care for us. We can trust His presence in our lives, for He will never leave us. Fellow mom, will you hold onto these eight powerful words in the year ahead? Trust in the Lord with all your Heart.

Family Fun: Choose a Bible verse to be your family Bible verse for the year. Write it on several index cards. Decorate the cards and place them throughout the house so you will see them often as a reminder. Refer to the verse whenever you have a teachable moment to do so. Use the verse as an encouragement to each other. Encourage older kids to choose their own personal verse for the year.

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WIP Mom said...

I discovered your website last week and have already set the page to come up when my work computer starts-up in the morning! I enjoy the daily prayer and the weekly devotionals, too. I also ordered The Power of a Positive Mom & Woman and am patiently waiting for the book to arrive. Looking forward to going into the year with this focal point. Thanks! :)