Monday, February 23, 2009

Undeserved Favor

Last week I blogged from the boat with lessons learned on the cruise. Well I must tell you our trip home was quite an adventure. Flights delayed, planes taken out of commission, waiting in the airport all were a part of the journey, but then there was a bright spot. The man at the American Airlines ticket counter in Ft. Lauderdale graciously worked with us to get us on a flight home. He set us up on a plane leaving from Miami airport, gave us a voucher for our cab ---- then------on top of it all----he gave us first class tickets since there were no more seats available in coach!

We didn’t do anything to deserve it, yet we were the recipients of kind favor from the airlines. As I sat in my roomy seat while the attendants brought me a heated towel, warm roasted nuts and a delicious meal, I couldn’t help but overflow with gratitude. I kept thinking to myself, I’m so thankful for that attendant at the American Airlines counter! I wish I could tell him we truly appreciate his help in making our trip home surprisingly wonderful.

Now Curt and I were recipients of a simple favor from the airlines, but as Christians we are recipients of the grandest of all graces --- God’s grace. Our loving Father has so lovingly poured out his favor upon us through his son Jesus. Do I relish that grace? Do I live with constant gratitude for what He has done? I ought to and I want to, but I must admit often I get so busy about life, that I ignore the greatest favor ever bestowed upon mankind; forgiveness of sins and a right relationship with God through His son Jesus.

Oh Lord, help me today to live in a continual state of gratitude for your kind favor in allowing me to be a partaker of your divine grace and allowing me the privilege to be called one of your children. Let's take some time today to stop and pray with our kids, thanking God for bestowing His gracious favor upon us.

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