Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers and Cares

It’s the day after Mother’s Day, and I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Not only is Mother’s day a nice day to honor our service as a mom, but it is also an opportunity for us moms to reflect on the blessing and privilege of our role. We have a high calling and an important job in this world. I want to encourage you to take time today to thank the Lord for the joy of serving Him as a mom, and also thank the Lord for your children. Thank the Lord for several qualities in each of your children, and go ahead and thank the Lord for qualities in your husband as well.

Now I want to encourage you to write your kids a note, telling them specifically what you thanked the Lord for in each of them. Mother’s day doesn’t just need to be about us; it can also be a celebration of our kids as well!

This weekend I had the blessing of speaking at a retreat for the women of Ridgeview Church in Rockwall, Texas. I was blessed by their open hearts and love for the Lord. They sincerely received a message of joy which the Lord led me to bring to their retreat. Thank you ladies of Ridgeview!

After sharing with the ladies at the Ridgeview retreat, I journeyed on to Cottonwood Creek church in Allen, Texas for a joy-filled dinner. The Lord placed on my heart to speak about anxiety and fear. Not quite a delightful after dinner topic! I honestly prayed and asked God if I was hearing Him right. As I spoke that night, His words of comfort flowed from my lips as I shared with the women the peace that God can bring through any circumstances.

In Philippians we are encouraged to stop being anxious and pray about everything with thanksgiving. Yes, thank the Lord in the middle of your concerns. Thank you Lord for your love and care. Thank you Lord that you can use whatever happens to me to help me grow in grace and patience. Thank you Lord for never leaving me. I ended the talk with my own story of my mother’s death and how God cared and comforted all of us through the tragedy. You can read the story in several of my books.

My friend if you are struggling with fear, I want you to hear God’s message of love, “Do not be afraid for I am with you.” As you walk in His ways, though difficulties may come, He will not leave you. Keep your eyes on Him. Pray with thanksgiving about every care. Have a peaceful week my friends!

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