Monday, June 15, 2009

Around the World Theme

Weekly themes can make the summer memorable and meaningful. What do I mean by themes? Actually a weekly theme is simply a fun concept or idea on which to build your activities and interests around for the week. Theme ideas can make the summer fly by with a variety of enjoyable activities. In the coming weeks I want to give you some theme ideas to fill your summer with delightful memories and doable activities.

I am especially fond of is the “Around the World” idea. Make the week a fun adventure of traveling to different countries around the world while never leaving your own home town. Choose several countries or cultures you would like to help your kids learn more about. You could adventure to Russia, France, Mexico, China and some countries in Africa.

On the first day of your Around the World Theme week, pull out a world map and show the kids where you plan to visit. As an art activity, make your own suit case out of paper grocery bags. Simply cut away the top portion to make a handle and a small pouch and decorate using markers and stickers. You can also make airline tickets for your adventure. Pretend you are boarding the plane by setting chairs in a row and instruct the kids as if you are a flight attendant. You may want to read a book about the country the kids are about to visit as they sit on the plane.

At your destination for each day, do some sort of activity, game or craft that relates to the country you are visiting. You can try to learn simple dances from the different cultures, listen to music, do art activities that reflect each destination. Try different cultural games like a piƱata from Mexico. You can find more games as you google on line. Talk about the different languages and try to write some words in foreign alphabets. Oh yes and think about the clothing and hats from different cultures.

For lunch, experience simple foods from different cultures. Consider foods like egg rolls, tacos, mangoes, French bread and cheese, or Russian goulash! If you have some international stores or restaurants in your area it may be fun to visit and help your kids feel the cultural experience and meet people from other countries.

Most importantly, use this as an opportunity to teach your kids about the beauty of God’s creation and the wonderful people around the world. Even if you don’t do all the theme activities mentioned above, you can still actively pray with your kids for the people around the world. Pray for the missionaries in different countries too. Help your kids develop and love and appreciation for all God’s people around the world and in every culture.

Precious and Positive moms, keep shining God’s light in your home as you lovingly interact with your kids each day. Pray for God’s strength and wisdom in your important role as a mom. If you want further encouragement go to:

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