Monday, June 1, 2009

Summer is Here

Summer is here, so let’s make it a summer with a smile! Celebrate the beginning of summer with a party. I’m not talking about a big bash; I’m just talking about a fun breakfast with the kids to help them get excited about all they have to look forward to during the summer. Prepare the kid’s favorite breakfast and make several posters introducing the season. Here is my suggestion for possible posters you can make using fun colors, stickers and markers:

Boredom Busters - Ask the kids to think of activities they can do if they ever begin to feel bored. Teach them that Boredom is in the eye of the beholder and no one ever needs to be bored, they just need to think a little more creatively. Talk about all things someone can do when they are feel like there is nothing to do. You will all be amazed at the possibilities. Tell the kids that the B word (Boredom) is not allowed to be used in your house during the summer. If the kids don’t have anything to do, tell them to go to the poster and check out their own creative ideas.

Super Summer Schedule – You can use this poster to write out summer daily, weekly and/or monthly schedules. You may want to have a summer monthly calendar marking the weeks when the kids are at camp or you are all on family vacation. For a weekly schedule, you may want to plot the plans for everyone as they are taking art classes or swim team, etc. You can also plan a loose daily routine with activities in the morning, nap or rest time (we always called it FOB flat on back time) in the early afternoon and craft and computer time in the late afternoon.

Loving Limits - During the summer you may want to put a few limits on what the kids do. There may need to be a limit to the amount of time spent on computer games or television or phone. Talk about what is reasonable and work through some loving limits for the summer.

The most important thing you can do to make this summer one of the best summers ever, is to keep up a great attitude. Stay flexible. Remember what Solomon said, “We can make our plans, but the final result is up to God.” Determine within your own heart that you will enjoy your kids, even if the house isn’t perfect or you don’t get to go on a dream vacation. Summer offers a unique time to have a more relaxed schedule and to spend more time together as a family. There are simple ways to enjoy your kids and make it a fun-filled summer. Each week during the summer I will give you some inexpensive, creative ideas to make your summer fly by with a smile. By the way, be sure to give your kids the gift of your smile throughout the summer days ahead.

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