Saturday, September 11, 2010

National Day of Encouragement

Sunday, September 12 is National Day of Encouragement!

Everyone could use a hearty dose of encouragement. Kids coming home from school need it. Busy moms and dads could certainly be strengthened by it. Even grandparents and single adults need a good word now and then. The word “encourage” means to give strength. The root word “cor” comes from the Latin word “heart.” When we sincerely encourage someone we give strength to their heart, and we ourselves are uplifted in the process.

Encouragement must be sincere and specific. Don’t just say, “You’re great!” Instead, honor others by telling them exactly what you appreciate about them. “You are always thinking of others, I really like that about you.” Even more specifically you could say, “I noticed your kindness to the person in the checkout line today, I really appreciate the way you care about other people’s needs.”

Here are some starters:
· You sure know a lot about...
· I’m thankful for the way you…
· I noticed how you…
· Thank you for …..
· You amaze me by the way you….
· I was just thinking how you…

Creative ways to encourage (beyond text and email) include:
· Use erasable markers to write a message on someone’s mirror or window.
· Place fun, colorful note cards with an uplifting message in the car or lunch bag or briefcase.
· Wrap a note of encouragement around a favorite candy bar.
· One flower with a note attached does wonders for any woman.
· Write a note and stick it on a balloon.
· Take the time to send a card through the mail.
· Pick up the phone and call someone just to encourage them.
· Leave a message of encouragement on the answering machine if they are not there.
· Put a little note of encouragement in a small box, with a bow on top.
· Give a cute and inexpensive frame and put a message along with a picture in it.

Never miss an opportunity to give a good word. And Certainly don’t miss your opportunity to celebrate the National Day of Encouragement. A good word cost so little, yet the rewards are long lasting.

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